o 2011.12.23
Szofita Snowball Speed Race, a nice game for XMAS

o 2011.11.27
Tudassal a jovoert, homepage of a hungarian foundation, flash & 3d

o 2010.09.24
Friends on Earth, my first multiplatform social-mapping application is now on facebook too!

o 2010.06.17
interactive/game site presenting a wonderful animated movie and custom rings made by Szofita, explore it here: SzofitaLand

My name is Zoltán Fehér [zooli]

i have Msc in technical informatics
i'm currently located at Budapest.

i develop
-actionscript: AS3, Flash builder, AIR
-php: symfony framework
-javascript: jquery
xhtml, css, sql...

if you want a full cv, contact me via email!

o SzofitaLand
+ interactive "feelgood" site
+ full AS3, custom game engine
+ all flash by me, concept and graphics by Szofita

o Szofita Snowball Speed Race
+ throw snowballs at enemies
+ AS3, lots of BitmapData manipulations

o Tudassal a Jovoert
+ AS3, Away3D, Stage3D version

o Friends on Earth
+ multi-platform social-mapping application (also on hungarian social networking site IWIW)
+ flex, papervision3d, graph stuff
+ facebook api, iwiw api (opensocial), googlemaps api

o BKV007
+ multiplayer "Scotland Yard" game located in Budapest
+ AS2, SmartFox server
- never went live

o bmw games
+ all flash code

o audi quattro (backup mirror)
+ menu programming
+ as2, oop

o swfroads
+ remake of the classic game skyroads
+ actionscript2, full oop

you can contact me in many ways, such as:
o email : zooli AT hummezum.hu
o skype : zooliw
o my linkedin profile